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Information about reign: Papa Stephanus Septimus (Pope Stephen VII)

CountryHoly See
From3 February 929
To15 March 931
Personal InformationPope Stephen VII (unknown - 931)

Pope Stephen VII (Latin: Stephanus VII) was Pope from February 929 to his death in 931. A candidate of the infamous Marozia, his pontificate occurred during the period known as the Saeculum obscurum.

Very little is known about Stephen’s pontificate. During his two years as pope, Stephen confirmed the privileges of a few religious houses in France and Italy. As a reward for helping free Stephen from the oppression of Hugh of Arles, Stephen granted Cante di Gabrielli the position of papal governor of Gubbio, and control over a number of key fortresses. Stephen was also noted for the severity with which he treated clergy who strayed in their morals.

Stephen died around 15 March 931, and was succeeded by Pope John XI.

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