Holy See / Papa Victor Tertius (Pope Victor III)

Holy See - Papa Victor Tertius (Pope Victor III) (24 May 1086 - 16 September 1087)

Pope Victor III, born Dauferio, was Pope from 24 May 1086 to his death in 1087. He was the successor of Pope Gregory VII, yet his pontificate is far less impressive in history than his time as Desiderius, the great Abbot of Montecassino.

His failing health was the factor that made him so reluctant to accept his pontifical election and his health was so poor that he fell to illness during his papal coronation. The only literary work of his that remains is his "Dialogues" on the miracles performed by Saint Benedict of Nursia and other saints at Montecassino.

Pope Leo XIII beatified him on 23 July 1887.

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Papa Victor Tertius (Pope Victor III): Details
CountryHoly See
From24 May 1086
To16 September 1087
Personal Information Pope Victor III
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NameHoly See
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