Holy See / Papa Zacharias (Pope Zachary)

Holy See - Papa Zacharias (Pope Zachary) (3 December 741 - 15 March 752)

Pope Zachary (Latin: Zacharias) reigned from 3 December or 5 December 741 to his death in 752. A Greek from Santa Severina, Calabria, he was the last pope of the Byzantine Papacy. Most probably he was a deacon of the Roman Church and as such signed the decrees of the Roman council of 732 and succeeded Gregory III on 5 December 741.

Zachary built the original church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, forbade the traffic of slaves in Rome, and negotiated peace with the Lombards. In response to an inquiry forwarded by Pepin the Short, Zachary rendered the opinion that it was better that he should be king who had the royal power than he who had not. Shortly thereafter, the Frankish nobles decided to abandon the Merovingian Childeric III in favor of Pepin.

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Papa Zacharias (Pope Zachary): Details
CountryHoly See
From3 December 741
To15 March 752
Personal Information Pope Zachary
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NameHoly See
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