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Information about reign: 後朱雀天皇 (Emperor Go-Suzaku)

To5 February 1045
Personal InformationEmperor Go-Suzaku of Japan (1009 - 1045)

Emperor Go-Suzaku (後朱雀天皇 Go-Suzaku-tennō) was the 69th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Go-Suzaku's reign spanned the years from 1036 through 1045.

This 11th-century sovereign was named after the 10th-century Emperor Suzaku and go- (後), translates literally as "later;" and thus, he is sometimes called the "Later Emperor Suzaku". The Japanese word "go" has also been translated to mean the "second one;" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as "Suzaku, the second" or as "Suzaku II."