Japan / 舒明天皇 (Emperor Jomei)

Japan - 舒明天皇 (Emperor Jomei) (629 - 17 November 641)

Emperor Jomei (舒明天皇 Jomei-tennō?) was the 34th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

In the 36th year of Empress Suiko's reign (推古天皇36年), she died, and despite a dispute over who should follow her as sovereign, contemporary scholars then construed that the succession ("‘senso") was received by a grandson of Emperor Bidatsu and a great-grandson of Emperor Kimmei. Shortly thereafter, Emperor Jomei is said to have acceded to the throne ("sokui").

Jomei's reign spanned the years from 629 through 641.

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舒明天皇 (Emperor Jomei): Details
To17 November 641
Personal Information Emperor Jomei of Japan
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From660 BC
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FlagFlag of Japan
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