Japan / 崇神天皇 (Emperor Sujin)

Japan - 崇神天皇 (Emperor Sujin) (97 BC - 30 BC)

Emperor Sujin (崇神天皇 Sujin-tennō), also known as Mimakiiribikoinie no Sumeramikoto (御間城入彦五十瓊殖天皇) or Hatsukunishirasu Sumeramikoto (御肇國天皇); was the tenth emperor of Japan.

The legendary emperor's reign is conventionally assigned the years of reign 97 BC - 30 BC, but he may have lived in the early 1st century, or the third or fourth century.

Sujin's grave site has not been identified (and may not exist), however, Andonyama kofun in Tenri, Nara has been designated by the Imperial Household Agency as the kofun (tumulus). It is formally named "Yamanobe no michi no Magari no oka no e no misasagi".

Sujin is responsible for setting up the Ise Shrine or the Saikū associated with it to enshrine Amaterasu. He is also credited with initiating the worship of Ōmononushi (equated with the deity of Mount Miwa). He also confiscated certain sacred treasures that had been passed down the line in Izumo. The emperor may have been the first to perform a census and establish and regularize a system of taxation.

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