Japan / 神功皇后 (Empress Consort Jingū)

Japan - 神功皇后 (Empress Consort Jingū) (201 - 269)

Empress Consort Jingū (神功皇后 Jingū-kōgō), occasionally known as Empress Regent Jingū (神功天皇 Jingū-tennō), was a Japanese empress who ruled beginning in the year 201.

The consort to Emperor Chūai, she also served as Regent from the time of her husband's death in 201 until her son Emperor Ōjin acceded to the throne in 269.

Up until the Meiji period, Jingū was considered to have been the 15th Japanese imperial ruler, according to the traditional order of succession (hence her alternate title Jingū tennō 神功天皇); but a re-evaluation of the extant historical records caused her name to be removed from that list; and her son, Emperor Ōjin, is today considered to have been the 15th sovereign.

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神功皇后 (Empress Consort Jingū): Details
Personal Information Empress Consort Jingū of Japan
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From660 BC
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