Lombardy-Venetia / King Ferdinand I

Lombardy-Venetia - King Ferdinand I (2 March 1835 - 2 December 1848)

Ferdinand I was Emperor of Austria, President of the German Confederation, King of Hungary (as Ferdinand V), and many others from the death of his father (Francis I, Emperor of Austria) on 2 March 1835, until his abdication after the Revolutions of 1848.

He married Maria Anna of Savoy, the sixth child of Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia. They had no issue.

Ferdinand was incapable of ruling his empire because of his mental deficiency, so his father, before he died, drafted a will promulgating that he consult Archduke Louis on every aspect of internal policy, and urged him to be influenced by Prince Metternich, Austria's Foreign Minister.

He abdicated on 2 December 1848. He was succeeded by his nephew, Franz Joseph. Following his abdication, he lived in Hradčany Palace, Prague, until his death in 1875.

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From2 March 1835
To2 December 1848
Personal Information Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria
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