Mughal Empire / Emperor Akbar II

Mughal Empire - Emperor Akbar II (19 November 1806 - 28 September 1837)

Akbar II, also known as Akbar Shah II, was the penultimate Mughal emperor of India. He reigned from 1806 to 1837. He was the second son of Shah Alam II and the father of Bahadur Shah II.

Akbar had little de facto power due to the increasing British influence in India through the East India Company. He sent Ram Mohan Roy as an ambassador to Britain and gave him the title of Raja.

Akbar II is credited with starting the Hindu-Muslim unity festival Phool Walon Ki Sair. His grave lies next to the dargah of 13th century Sufi saint Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki at Mehrauli.

During his regime, in 1835, the East India Company (EIC) discontinued calling itself subject of the Mughal Emperor and issuing coins in his name. The Persian lines in the Company's coins to this effect were deleted.

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Emperor Akbar II: Details
CountryMughal Empire
From19 November 1806
To28 September 1837
Personal Information Mughal Emperor Akbar II
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Country Details
NameMughal Empire
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FlagFlag of Mughal Empire