Mughal Empire / فرخ‌ سیر (Emperor Farrukhsiyar)

Mughal Empire - فرخ‌ سیر (Emperor Farrukhsiyar) (11 January 1713 - 28 February 1719)

Abu'l Muzaffar Muin ud-din Muhammad Shah Farrukh-siyar Alim Akbar Sani Wala Shan Padshah-i-bahr-u-bar (Persian: ابو المظفر معید الدین محمد شاه فرخ‌ سیر علیم اکبر ثانی والا شان پادشاه بحر و بر‎), also known as Shahid-i-Mazlum (Persian: شهید مظلوم‎), or Farrukhsiyar (Persian: فرخ‌ سیر‎), was the Mughal emperor from 1713 to 1719 after he murdered Jahandar Shah. Reportedly a handsome man who was easily swayed by his advisers, he lacked the ability, knowledge and character to rule independently. Farrukhsiyar was the son of Azim-ush-Shan (the second son of emperor Bahadur Shah I) and Sahiba Nizwan.

His reign saw the primacy of the Sayyid brothers, who became the effective power behind the facade of Mughal rule. Farrukhsiyar's frequent plotting led the brothers to depose him.

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فرخ‌ سیر (Emperor Farrukhsiyar): Details
CountryMughal Empire
From11 January 1713
To28 February 1719
Personal Information Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar
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Country Details
NameMughal Empire
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FlagFlag of Mughal Empire