Mughal Empire / Emperor Muhammad Azam

Mughal Empire - Emperor Muhammad Azam (14 March 1707 - 8 June 1707)

Qutb-ud-Din Muhammad Azam, commonly known as Azam Shah (Persian: King Azam), was a titular Mughal emperor, who reigned from 14 March 1707 to 8 June 1707. He was the eldest son of the sixth Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and his chief consort Dilras Banu Begum.

Azam was appointed as the heir-apparent (Shahi Ali Jah) to his father on 12 August 1681 and retained that position until Aurangzeb's death. During his long military career, he served as the viceroy of Berar Subah, Malwa, Bengal, Gujarat and the Deccan. Azam ascended the Mughal throne in Ahmednagar upon the death of his father on 14 March 1707. However, he and his three sons, Sultan Bidar Bakht, Shahzada Jawan Bakht Bahadur and Shahzada Sikandar Shan Bahadur, were later defeated and killed by Azam Shah's older half-brother, Prince Shah Alam (later crowned as Bahadur Shah I), during the Battle of Jajau on 8 June 1707.

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Emperor Muhammad Azam: Details
CountryMughal Empire
From14 March 1707
To8 June 1707
Personal Information Mughal Emperor Muhammad Azam
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Country Details
NameMughal Empire
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FlagFlag of Mughal Empire