Mughal Empire / شاه جہاں ۳ (Emperor Shah Jahan III)

Mughal Empire - شاه جہاں ۳ (Emperor Shah Jahan III) (10 December 1759 - 10 October 1760)

Shah Jahan III (شاه جہاں ۳) also known as Muhi-ul-millat was Mughal Emperor briefly. He was the son of Muhi-us-sunnat, the eldest son of Muhammad Kam Bakhsh who was the youngest son of Aurangzeb. He was placed on the Mughal throne in December 1759 as a result of the intricacies in Delhi with the help of Imad-ul-Mulk. He was later deposed by Maratha Sardars.

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شاه جہاں ۳ (Emperor Shah Jahan III): Details
CountryMughal Empire
From10 December 1759
To10 October 1760
Personal Information Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan III
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Country Details
NameMughal Empire
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FlagFlag of Mughal Empire