Mughal Empire / Emperor Shahryar Mirza

Mughal Empire - Emperor Shahryar Mirza (7 November 1627 - 23 January 1628)

Shahryar Mirza was the fifth and youngest son of the Mughal emperor Jahangir. After Jahangir's death, Shahryar made an attempt to become emperor and was successful with the help of his powerful stepmother Nur Jahan, who was also his mother-in-law. However, he was only titular and suffered defeat and was killed at the orders of his victorious brother Shah Jahan.

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Royal Mint
Emperor Shahryar Mirza: Details
CountryMughal Empire
From7 November 1627
To23 January 1628
Personal Information Mughal Emperor Shahryar Mirza
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Country Details
NameMughal Empire
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FlagFlag of Mughal Empire