Norway / Inge Bårdsson (King Inge II Baardsson)

Norway - Inge Bårdsson (King Inge II Baardsson) (1204 - 23 April 1217)

Inge II (Norwegian: Inge Bårdsson, Old Norse: Ingi Bárðarson) was King of Norway from 1204 to 1217. His reign was within the later stages of the period known in Norwegian history as the age of civil wars. Inge was the king of the birkebeiner faction. The conclusion of the settlement of Kvitsøy with the bagler faction in 1208 led to peace for the last nine years of Inge’s reign, at the price of Inge and the birkebeiner recognising bagler rule over Viken (the Oslofjord area).

In 1217, Inge fell ill in Nidaros. During his illness, he appointed his younger half-brother, Skule Bårdsson, earl and leader of the army. On 23 April 1217, Inge died. He was buried in Nidaros Cathedral. He was succeeded as king by the 13-year-old Haakon Haakonsson, an illegitimate grandson of King Sverre, who had been raised at the courts of King Inge and Earl Haakon since they became aware of his existence in 1206. Skule continued as earl and de facto ruler for the next few years.

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Inge Bårdsson (King Inge II Baardsson): Details
To23 April 1217
Personal Information King Inge II Baardsson of Norway
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