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Information about reign: Sigurd Munn (King Sigurd II Haraldsson)

From14 December 1136
To6 February 1155
Personal InformationKing Sigurd II Haraldsson of Norway (1133 - 1155)

Sigurd II Haraldsson (or Sigurd Munn) (Old Norse: Sigurðr Haraldsson) was king of Norway from 1136 to 1155. He was son of Harald Gille, king of Norway and his mistress Tora Guttormsdotter (Þóra Guthormsdóttir). He served as co-ruler with his half-brothers, Inge Haraldsson and Eystein Haraldsson. His epithet Munn means "the Mouth" in Old Norse. He was killed in the power-struggle against his brother, Inge, in an early stage of the civil war era in Norway.