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Information about reign: III. Ahmed (Sultan Ahmed III)

CountryOttoman Empire
From22 August 1703
To1 October 1730
Personal InformationSultan Ahmed III of the Ottoman Empire (1673 - 1736)

Ahmed III (Ottoman Turkish: احمد ثالث Aḥmed-i sālis) was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and a son of Sultan Mehmed IV (1648–87).

His mother was Mâh-Pâre Ummatullah (Emetullah) Râbi'a Gül-Nûş Valide Sultan, originally named Evmania Voria, who was an ethnic Greek.

He was born at Hajioglupazari, in Dobruja. He succeeded to the throne in 1703 on the abdication of his brother Mustafa II (1695–1703). Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha and his daughter, Hatice Sultan (wife of the former) directed the government from 1718 to 1730, a period referred to as the Tulip Era.