Ottoman Empire / İbrahim (Sultan Ibrahim)

Ottoman Empire - İbrahim (Sultan Ibrahim) (9 February 1640 - 8 August 1648)

Ibrahim (Ottoman Turkish: ابراهيم‎, Turkish: İbrahim) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1640 until 1648. He was born in Istanbul the son of Ahmed I by Valide Kösem Sultan, an ethnic Greek originally named Anastasia.

He was later called Ibrahim the Mad (Turkish: Deli İbrahim) by twentieth century historians due to his reputed mental condition - probably psychoneurosis.

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İbrahim (Sultan Ibrahim): Details
CountryOttoman Empire
From9 February 1640
To8 August 1648
Personal Information Sultan Ibrahim of the Ottoman Empire
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Country Details
NameOttoman Empire
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FlagFlag of Ottoman Empire