Ottoman Empire / Murat Hüdavendigâr (Sultan Murad I)

Ottoman Empire - Murat Hüdavendigâr (Sultan Murad I) (1362 - 15 June 1389)

Murad I (Ottoman Turkish: مراد اول‎, Turkish: Murat Hüdavendigâr) (nicknamed Hüdavendigâr, from Persian خداوندگار Khodāvandgār, "the God-like One" – but meaning "sovereign" in this context) was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1362 to 1389. He was a son of Orhan and the Valide Sultan Nilüfer Hatun.

Murad I conquered Adrianople, renamed it to Edirne, and in 1363 made it the new capital of Ottoman Empire. Then he further expanded the Ottoman realm in Southeast Europe by bringing most of the Balkans under Ottoman rule, and forced the princes of northern Serbia and Bulgaria as well as the Byzantine emperor John V Palaiologos to pay him tribute. Murad I administratively divided his empire into the two provinces of Anatolia (Asia Minor) and Rumelia (the Balkans).

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Murat Hüdavendigâr (Sultan Murad I): Details
CountryOttoman Empire
To15 June 1389
Personal Information Sultan Murad I of the Ottoman Empire
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NameOttoman Empire
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FlagFlag of Ottoman Empire