Papal States / Papa Alexander Secundus (Pope Alexander II)

Papal States - Papa Alexander Secundus (Pope Alexander II) (30 September 1061 - 21 April 1073)

Pope Alexander II, born Anselm of Baggio (Italian: Anselmo da Baggio), was Pope from 30 September 1061 to his death in 1073. Born in Milan, Anselm was deeply involved the Pataria reform movement. Elected according to the terms of his predecessor's bull, In nomine Domini, Anselm's was the first election by the cardinals without the participation of the people and minor clergy of Rome.

In the papal election of 1061 following the death of Pope Nicholas II, Anselmo de Baggio of Lucca was elected as Pope Alexander II.

Unlike previous papal elections, the assent of the Holy Roman Emperor to the election was not sought, and cardinal bishops were the sole electors of the pope for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church; in accordance with Nicholas II's bull, In Nomine Domini. The bull effectively removed the control held by the Roman metropolitan church over the election of the pontiff.

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Papa Alexander Secundus (Pope Alexander II): Details
CountryPapal States
From30 September 1061
To21 April 1073
Personal Information Pope Alexander II
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