Papal States / Papa Alexander Tertius (Pope Alexander III)

Papal States - Papa Alexander Tertius (Pope Alexander III) (7 September 1159 - 30 August 1181)

Pope Alexander III, born Roland of Siena, was Pope from 7 September 1159 to his death in 1181.

Through the Papal bull Manifestis Probatum, issued on 23 May 1179, he recognized the right of Afonso I to proclaim himself King of Portugal, thus recognizing Portugal as an independent and sovereign Kingdom. He also laid the foundation stone for the Notre-Dame de Paris.

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Papa Alexander Tertius (Pope Alexander III): Details
CountryPapal States
From7 September 1159
To30 August 1181
Personal Information Pope Alexander III
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Country Details
NamePapal States
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FlagFlag of Papal States
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