Papal States / Papa Benedictus Octavus (Pope Benedict VIII)

Papal States - Papa Benedictus Octavus (Pope Benedict VIII) (18 May 1012 - 9 April 1024)

Pope Benedict VIII (Latin: Benedictus VIII) reigned from 18 May 1012 to his death in 1024. He was born Theophylactus to the noble family of the counts of Tusculum (son of Gregory, Count of Tusculum, and brother of future Pope John XIX), descended from Theophylact, Count of Tusculum, like his predecessor Pope Benedict VII (973 - 974).

Benedict VIII was opposed by an antipope, Gregory VI, who compelled him to flee Rome. He was restored by Henry II of Germany, whom he crowned Holy Roman Emperor on 14 February 1014. He remained on good terms with Henry for his entire pontificate. In Benedict VIII's pontificate the Saracens renewed their attacks on the southern coasts of Italy. They effected a settlement in Sardinia and sacked Pisa. The Normans also then began to settle in Italy. The Pope promoted peace in Italy by allying himself with the Normans, orchestrating the defeat of the Saracens in Sardinia and subjugating the Crescentii. In 1022, he held a synod at Pavia with the Emperor to restrain simony and incontinence of the clergy.

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Papa Benedictus Octavus (Pope Benedict VIII): Details
CountryPapal States
From18 May 1012
To9 April 1024
Personal Information Pope Benedict VIII
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