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Information about reign: Papa Bonifatius Sextius (Pope Boniface VI)

CountryPapal States
From11 April 896
To25 April 896
Personal InformationPope Boniface VI (806 - 896)

Pope Boniface VI (Latin: Bonifatius VI) was Pope in April 896. He was a native of Rome. His election came about as a result of riots soon after the death of Pope Formosus. Prior to his reign, he had twice incurred a sentence of deprivation of orders as a subdeacon and as a priest. After a pontificate of fifteen days, he is said by some to have died of the gout, by others to have been forcibly ejected to make way for Stephen VI, the candidate of the Spoletan party.

At a synod in Rome held by John IX in 898, his election was pronounced null and void.

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