Papal States / Papa Bonifatius Octavus (Pope Boniface VIII)

Papal States - Papa Bonifatius Octavus (Pope Boniface VIII) (24 December 1294 - 11 October 1303)

Pope Boniface VIII (Latin: Bonifatius VIII), born Benedetto Caetani, was Pope from 24 December 1294 to his death in 1303.

He organized the first Catholic "jubilee" year to take place in Rome and declared that both spiritual and temporal power were under the pope's jurisdiction, and that kings were subordinate to the power of the Roman pontiff. Today, he is probably best remembered for his feuds with King Philip IV of France and Dante Alighieri, who placed the pope in the Eighth Circle of Hell in his Divine Comedy, among the simoniacs.

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Papa Bonifatius Octavus (Pope Boniface VIII): Details
CountryPapal States
From24 December 1294
To11 October 1303
Personal Information Pope Boniface VIII
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NamePapal States
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FlagFlag of Papal States
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