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Information about reign: Papa Eugenius Tertius (Pope Eugene III)

CountryPapal States
From15 February 1145
To8 July 1153
Personal InformationPope Eugene III (1080 - 1153)

Pope Eugene III (Latin: Eugenius III), born Bernardo da Pisa, was Pope from 15 February 1145 to his death in 1153. He was the first Cistercian to become Pope. In response to the fall of Edessa to the Muslims in 1144, Eugene proclaimed the Second Crusade. The crusade failed to recapture Edessa, which was the first of many failures by the Christians in the crusades to recapture lands won in the First Crusade.

He was beatified on 28 December 1872 by Pope Pius IX on the account of his sanctity.

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