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Information about reign: Papa Gregorius Quintus (Pope Gregory V)

CountryPapal States
From3 May 996
To18 February 999
Personal InformationPope Gregory V (972 - 999)

Pope Gregory V, born Bruno of Carinthia (Latin: Gregorius V) was Pope from 3 May 996 to his death in 999.

He was a son of the Salian Otto I, Duke of Carinthia, who was a grandson of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor. Gregory V succeeded Pope John XV when only twenty-four years of age. He was the chaplain of his cousin Emperor Otto III, who presented him as candidate.

Gregory V was the first German Pope (or the second if Boniface II, an Ostrogoth, is counted).

Gregory V died suddenly, not without suspicion of foul play, on 18 February 999. He is buried in St. Peter's Basilica near Pope Pelagius I. His successor was Gerbert, who took the name Sylvester II.

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