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Information about reign: Papa Gregorius Octavus (Pope Gregory VIII)

CountryPapal States
From21 October 1187
To17 December 1187
Personal InformationPope Gregory VIII (1100 - 1187)

Pope Gregory VIII (Latin: Gregorius VIII; not to be confused with Antipope Gregory VIII), born Alberto di Morra, reigned from 21 October to his death in 1187.

On 21 October 1187, the day after the death of Pope Urban III, Alberto di Morra was elected pope and took the name Gregory VIII in honor of Pope Gregory VII. He was consecrated on 25 October. His previous dealings with Frederick Barbarossa put the church back in a friendly relationship with the Holy Roman Emperor. In response to the defeat of the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem at the Battle of Hattin, Gregory issued the papal bull Audita tremendi calling for the Third Crusade. Gregory travelled to Pisa in order to end Pisan hostilities with Genoa so that both seaports and naval fleets could join together for the crusade. On the way to Pisa, he stopped at Lucca and ordered Antipope Victor IV's body to be removed from his tomb and his remains thrown out of the church.

Gregory died in Pisa on 17 December 1187 of a fever after holding the papacy for only 57 days. He was buried in the Duomo in Pisa. He was succeeded by Pope Clement III.

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