Papal States / Papa Innocentius Octavus (Pope Innocent VIII)

Papal States - Papa Innocentius Octavus (Pope Innocent VIII) (29 August 1484 - 25 July 1492)

Pope Innocent VIII (Latin: Innocentius VIII), born Giovanni Battista Cybo (or Cibo), was Pope from 29 August 1484 to his death in 1492. Born into a prominent Genoese family he entered the church and was made bishop in 1467 before being elevated to the rank of cardinal by Pope Sixtus IV. He was elected Pope in 1484, as a compromise candidate, after a stormy conclave.

In July 1492 Innocent fell into a fever. He was said to have been given the world's first blood transfusion by his Jewish physician Giacomo di San Genesio, who had him drink the blood of three 10-year-old boys. The boys subsequently died. The evidence for this story, however, is unreliable and may have been motivated by anti-semitism. Innocent VIII died himself on the 25th of July.

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Papa Innocentius Octavus (Pope Innocent VIII): Details
CountryPapal States
From29 August 1484
To25 July 1492
Personal Information Pope Innocent VIII
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NamePapal States
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