Papal States / Papa Ioannes XV (Pope John XV)

Papal States - Papa Ioannes XV (Pope John XV) (20 August 985 - 1 April 996)

Pope John XV (Latin: Ioannes XV; born in Rome) was Pope from August 985 to his death in 996. He succeeded Boniface VII. He was said to have been Pope after another Pope John who reigned four months after Pope John XIV (983–984) and was named "Papa Ioannes XIV Bis" or "Pope John XIVb". This supposed second John XIV never existed, rather he was confused with a certain cardinal deacon John, son of Robert, who was opposed to Boniface VII and is now excluded from the papal lists.

In 993, he was the first pope to proclaim a saint. At the request of the German ruler, he canonized Bishop Ulrich of Augsburg on 31 January 993. Before that time, saint cults had been local and spontaneous.

In 996, Otto III undertook a journey to Italy to obtain an imperial coronation from the Pope, but John XV died of fever early in April 1 996, while Otto III lingered in Pavia until 12 April to celebrate Easter. The Emperor then elevated his own kinsman Bruno to the papal dignity under the name of Gregory V.

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Papa Ioannes XV (Pope John XV): Details
CountryPapal States
From20 August 985
To1 April 996
Personal Information Pope John XV
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NamePapal States
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FlagFlag of Papal States
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