Papal States / Papa Sergius Quartus (Pope Sergius IV)

Papal States - Papa Sergius Quartus (Pope Sergius IV) (31 July 1009 - 12 May 1012)

Pope Sergius IV was Pope and the ruler of the Papal States from 31 July 1009 to his death in 1012.

He was born in Rome as Pietro Martino Buccaporci, which essentially translates as "Peter Martin Pig's Snout." The date of his birth is unknown but is believed to be around 970.

The power held by Sergius IV was small and often overshadowed by the Patricius, John Crescentius III, the ruler of the city of Rome at the time. He checked the power of Crescentius, who by strengthening the party in favour of the Germans. Sergius IV acted to relieve famine in the city of Rome, and he exempted several monasteries from episcopal rule.

Sergius IV died on 12 May 1012 and was buried in the Basilica of St. John Lateran. Although not canonized, Sergius IV is sometimes venerated as a saint by the Benedictines of which he was a member. There was some suspicion that he was murdered, as he died within a week of Crescentius, considered by many to have been his patron. Sergius was followed in the papacy by Pope Benedict VIII.

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Papa Sergius Quartus (Pope Sergius IV): Details
CountryPapal States
From31 July 1009
To12 May 1012
Personal Information Pope Sergius IV
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NamePapal States
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FlagFlag of Papal States
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