Papal States / Papa Theodorus Secundus (Pope Theodore II)

Papal States - Papa Theodorus Secundus (Pope Theodore II) (December 897 - December 897)

Pope Theodore II (Latin: Theodorus II) was Pope for twenty days in December 897. His short reign occurred during a period of partisan strife in the Catholic Church, which was entangled with a period of feudal violence and disorder in central Italy. His main act as pope was to annul the "Cadaver Synod" of the previous January, therefore reinstating the acts and ordinations of Pope Formosus, which had themselves been annulled by Pope Stephen VI. He also had the body of Formosus recovered from the river Tiber and reburied with honour. He died in office in late December 897.

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Papa Theodorus Secundus (Pope Theodore II): Details
CountryPapal States
FromDecember 897
ToDecember 897
Personal Information Pope Theodore II
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NamePapal States
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