Sicily / Vittorio Amedeo (King Victor Amadeus)

Sicily - Vittorio Amedeo (King Victor Amadeus) (22 September 1713 - 17 February 1720)

Victor Amadeus II (Vittorio Amedeo Francesco) was Duke of Savoy from 1675 to 1730. He also held the titles of marquis of Saluzzo, duke of Montferrat, prince of Piedmont, count of Aosta, Moriana and Nice.

Louis XIV organised his marriage in order to maintain French influence in the Duchy, but Victor Amadeus soon broke away from the influence of France. At his father's death in 1675, his mother took over a regency in the name of her nine-year-old son and would remain in de facto power till 1684 when Victor Amadeus banished her further involvement in the state.

Having fought in the War of the Spanish Succession, he became king of Sicily in 1713, but he was forced to exchange this title and instead became king of Sardinia.

Victor Amadeus left a considerable cultural influence in Turin, remodeling the Royal Palace of Turin, Palace of Venaria, Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi, as well as building the Basilica of Superga where he rests.

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Vittorio Amedeo (King Victor Amadeus): Details
From22 September 1713
To17 February 1720
Personal Information King Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
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