Sierra Leone / Queen Elizabeth II

Sierra Leone - Queen Elizabeth II (27 April 1961 - 19 April 1971)

The Commonwealth realm of Sierra Leone, officially known as "Sierra Leone", was a predecessor to the present-day Republic of Sierra Leone. It was the African country with the longest tenure as a Commonwealth realm, existing between 27 April 1961 and 19 April 1971.

When British rule ended in 1961, the British Crown Colony of Sierra Leone was given independence as a Commonwealth realm under the Sierra Leone Independence Act 1961. The British monarch, Elizabeth II, remained the head of state of Sierra Leone and was represented in Sierra Leone by a Governor-General. Sierra Leone shared the Sovereign with the other Commonwealth realms. The royal succession was governed by the English Act of Settlement of 1701.

The link with the British monarchy was abolished on the promulgation of the 1971 constitution and Prime Minister Siaka Stevens became the first President of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone became a republic within the Commonwealth.

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Queen Elizabeth II: Details
CountrySierra Leone
From27 April 1961
To19 April 1971
Personal Information Queen Elizabeth II
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NameSierra Leone
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