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Information about reign: มหาธรรมราชาที่ ๒ (King Mahathammaracha II)

CountrySukhothai Kingdom
Personal InformationKing Mahathammaracha II of Sukhothai (unknown - 1399)

Mahathammaracha II (Thai: มหาธรรมราชาที่ ๒) was a king of the Sukhothai Kingdom, succeeding his father in 1347. He had composed the Traibhumikatha, Traiphum Phra Ruang, in 1345, while the viceroy of Satchanalai. He also reformed the calendar in use.

In 1349, the armies from Ayutthaya kingdom, under Ramathibodi I invaded, submitting Sukhothai. Mahathammaracha II turned to religion, building temples and monasteries and entered the order in 1361.