Sweden / Blot-Sven (King Blot-Sweyn)

Sweden - Blot-Sven (King Blot-Sweyn) (1084 - 1087)

Sweyn (Swedish: Blot-Sven, Sweyn the Sacrificer) was a Swedish king c. 1080, who replaced his Christian brother-in-law Inge as King of Sweden, when Inge had refused to administer the blóts (pagan sacrifices) at the Temple at Uppsala. There is no mention of Sweyn in the regnal list of the Westrogothic law, which suggests that his rule did not reach Västergötland. According to Swedish historian Adolf Schück he was probably the same person as Håkan the Red and was called the Blót Swain (a swain who was willing to perform the blót) as an epithet rather than a personal name.

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