Sweden / Knut Eriksson (King Canute I)

Sweden - Knut Eriksson (King Canute I) (1167 - 1195)

Canute I (Swedish: Knut Eriksson, Old Norse: Knútr Eiríksson; born before 1150 – died 1195/96) was king over all of Sweden from 1173 to 1195 (rival king since 1167). He was a son of King Eric the Saint and Queen Christina, who was a granddaughter of the Swedish king Inge the Elder.

After killing Charles Sverkerson in 1167, Canute, who had just returned home after ten years in exile, started fighting for power against Sverker the Elder's sons Kol and Boleslaw Sverkerson. Only in 1173 could he call himself king of the whole country.

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