Sweden / Karl Sverkersson (King Charles VII)

Sweden - Karl Sverkersson (King Charles VII) (1161 - 12 April 1167)

Charles VII (actually Charles I) or Carl, Swedish: Karl Sverkersson, was ruler of Gothenland, and then King of Sweden from c. 1161 to 1167, when he was assassinated.

He is the first historically known king of Sweden by the name of Karl, but use of Charles VII is widespread.

Charles' wife was Christina Hvide, a Danish lady, daughter of Stig Hvitaleder, a Seelander magnate, and his wife who was sister of Valdemar I of Denmark.

Their sole historically attested child was Sverker Karlsson, a young boy when Charles died, and who later was elected King Sverker II of Sweden (1195–1208/10) after the death of Charles's rival king Canute I.

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To12 April 1167
Personal Information King Charles VII of Sweden
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