Sweden / King Inge the Younger

Sweden - King Inge the Younger (1110 - 1125)

Inge the Younger was King of Sweden in 1110 - 1125 and the son of king Halsten and he was probably Halsten's youngest son. According to unreliable traditions Inge would have ruled together with his brother Philip Halstensson after the death of their uncle Inge the Elder. In English literature both have also been called Ingold.

It is not known whether Inge was still alive when the Norwegian king Sigurd I of Norway invaded Småland in 1123, but when Inge died, it was the end of the House of Stenkil.

Inge is reported to have been married to Ulvhild Håkansdotter who was the daughter of the Norwegian Haakon Finnsson and who would later marry the Danish king Nils Svensson and even later the Swedish king Sverker the Elder. However, according to another tradition, he was the husband of Ragnhild of Tälje.

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