Sweden / Johan II (King John III)

Sweden - Johan II (King John III) (30 September 1568 - 17 November 1592)

John III (Swedish: Johan III, Finnish: Juhana III) was King of Sweden from 1568 until his death. He was the son of King Gustav I of Sweden and his second wife Margaret Leijonhufvud. He was also, quite autonomously, the ruler of Finland, as Duke John from 1556 to 1563. In 1581 he assumed also the title Grand Prince of Finland. He attained the Swedish throne after a rebellion against his brother Eric XIV. He is mainly remembered for his attempts to close the gap between the newly established Lutheran Church of Sweden and the Catholic church.

His first wife was Catherine Jagellonica of the Polish-Lithuanian ruling family, and their son Sigismund eventually ascended both the Polish-Lithuanian and Swedish thrones.

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Johan II (King John III): Details
From30 September 1568
To17 November 1592
Personal Information King John III of Sweden
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