Transylvania / Bethlen Gábor (Prince Gabriel Bethlen)

Transylvania - Bethlen Gábor (Prince Gabriel Bethlen) (27 October 1613 - 15 November 1629)

Gabriel Bethlen (Hungarian: Bethlen Gábor) was Prince of Transylvania from 1613 to 1629 and Duke of Opole from 1622 to 1625. He was also King-elect of Hungary from 1620 to 1621, but he never took control of the whole kingdom. Bethlen, supported by the Ottomans, led his Calvinist principality against the Habsburgs and their Catholic allies.

Bethlen died on 15 November 1629. Catherine became Princess. (His first wife, Zsuzsanna Károlyi, had died in 1622).

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Bethlen Gábor (Prince Gabriel Bethlen): Details
From27 October 1613
To15 November 1629
Personal Information Prince Gabriel Bethlen of Transylvania
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