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Task: Find sites related to US coins, information:

Task nameFind sites related to US coins
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Please use the Feedback form first to establish contact and tell us you are starting on the task so we can mark it as "taken".

Aim of the task: to improve the Online Coin Club web directory by expanding it with new relevant links.

Task: Find links to sites related to US coins.

Quality sites with information! Not just a page or two saying "I like these coins".

Sites that are NOT already in the Online Coin Club web directory!

We need a spreadsheet (LibreOffice format for preference, or .csv, or Excel) with 100 listings with the following columns:

1. Name of the web site
2. URL of the site
3. Description of the site (one or two paragraphs of texts - usually from its "About Us" page but edited to fit into the web directory of Online Coin Club)
4. If published - name of contact person
5. If published - contact email

As a "thank you", you will get 24 Australian pre-decimal coins - see the "A dozen Australian Pennies plus a dozen Half pennies" ad.

This task is part of an experiment into a "crowd-sourced" model of development of the site. If it works, the next tasks will have more diverse "rewards".