Site Development Task: Find links to Canadian coin dealers

Find links to Canadian coin dealers
NameFind links to Canadian coin dealers

Please use the Feedback form first to establish contact and tell us you are starting on the task so we can mark it as "taken".

Aim of the task: to improve the Online Coin Club web directory by expanding it with new relevant links.

Task: Find links to sites of coin dealers in Canada.

We need a spreadsheet (LibreOffice format for preference, or .csv, or Excel) with 100 listings with the following columns:

1. Name of the business or web site
2. URL of the site
3. Description of the site (one or two paragraphs of texts - usually from their "About Us" page but edited to fit into the web directory of Online Coin Club); in English!
4. If published - name of contact person
5. If published - email
6. If published - phone number and mailing address

As a "thank you", you will get 24 Australian pre-decimal coins - see the "A dozen Australian Pennies plus a dozen Half pennies" ad.

This task is part of an experiment into a "crowd-sourced" model of development of the site. If it works, the next tasks will have more diverse "rewards".

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