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Detailed information about coin type: One Lev (Aluminium) from Bulgaria:

Coin type: One Lev (Aluminium)

One year type.

Composition: 90% aluminium, 8% zinc, 2% copper.

Collectors be careful - these coins are brittle!

CountryBulgaria CurrencyLev
Sub-type ofOne Lev (First Lev) Sub-types
Face value1 (x Lev)
Year produced1923 CurrentNo (demonetised 1952)
MaterialAluminium Designerunlnown
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)23 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)1.5000

Crowned and mantled large version of the Coat of Arms with supporters, within circle. Around, БѪЛГАРИЯ СѪЕДИНЕНИЕТО ПРАВИ СИЛАТА (Bulgaria. Unity Creates Strength.) Note the unique spelling, used only in this year.

Obverse inscription



Denomination and date 1 ЛЕВ 1923 (1 LEV 1923) within wreath. Note the spelling: ЛЕВ and not ЛЕВЪ. On coins of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, this was the only year it was used (later, it reverted to ЛЕВЪ again).

After 1945 there was a spelling reform and it became the official spelling which has been used on the coins of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Reverse inscription

1 ЛЕВ 1923

EdgeMilled Edge inscription


List of 1 coins of type: One Lev (Aluminium) from Bulgaria
One Lev 1923 40,000,000 Цар Борис III (Tsar Boris III) БѪЛГАРИЯ СѪЕДИНЕНИЕТО ПРАВИ СИЛАТА