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Detailed information about coin type: Ten Leva (Iron) from Bulgaria:

Coin type: Ten Leva (Iron)

Composition: 100% iron. The 1943 coins have a CuproNickel coating.

CountryBulgaria CurrencyLev
Sub-type ofTen Leva (First Lev) Sub-types
Face value10 (x Lev)
Years produced1941 - 1943 CurrentNo (demonetised 1952)
MaterialIron DesignerIvan Lazarov
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)30 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)12

Representation of the Madara Rider (hunting scene with horseman, lion killed by spear, hunting dog), inscription КРУМЪ 814 (Krum 814) due the now-discounted belief that the Madara rock carving represents the 9th century Bulgarian ruler Khan Krum.

Obverse inscriptionКРУМЪ 814

Denomination, date and country 10 ЛЕВА [year] БЪЛГАРИЯ (10 LEVA [year] BULGARIA) above wreath.

Reverse inscription10 ЛЕВА [year] БЪЛГАРИЯ
EdgeMilled Edge inscriptionNone
Ten Leva (Iron): Photos

Bulgaria 10 Leva 1941
Copyright: numis-kimel

Bulgaria 10 Leva 1941
Copyright: numis-kimel
List of 2 coins of type: Ten Leva (Iron) from Bulgaria
Ten Leva 1941 2,200,000 Цар Борис III (Tsar Boris III)
Ten Leva 1943 25,000,000 Цар Борис III (Tsar Boris III)