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Detailed information about coin type: Half Cent from North Borneo:

Coin type: Half Cent

The British North Borneo Company had the right to produce coin under its Royal Charter, granted in 1881. It had 1 cent coins struck in England from 1882 and 1/2 cent pieces from 1885. These coins were linked to the silver dollar as used in the Straits Settlement and Hong Kong. In 1904 the Company moved from the use of bronze to copper-nickel for the 1 cent.

The half cent coin measured 72 grains in the measurement units of the time, which is equal to 4.66 grammes. "The Coins of Malaysia" (1969) by Kevin Kavanagh lists them as made of copper and not bronze.

CountryNorth Borneo CurrencyBritish North Borneo Dollar
Sub-type of Sub-types
Face value1/2 (x Cent)
Years produced1885 - 1907 CurrentNo (demonetised 1953)
MaterialBronze Designer
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)23.5000 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)4.6600

Shield of the British North Borneo Company; on shield, a lion above a dhow (boat); below, the date; the mint mark (H for The Mint, Birmingham - also known as Heaton & Sons), above the date.

Obverse inscription



Within a laurel wreath, HALF CENT; above and below the denomination it is repeated in Chinese characters: 洋元半分; below the wreath the denomination in Malay; around above, BRITISH NORTH BORNEO Co.

Reverse inscription


EdgePlain Edge inscription



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Half Cent: Photos

Coin - 1/2 Cent, British North Borneo Company, 1891
Copyright: Museums Victoria / CC BY

Coin - 1/2 Cent, British North Borneo Company, 1891
Copyright: Museums Victoria / CC BY
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Half Cent 1885 1,000,000
Half Cent 1886 1,000,000
Half Cent 1887 5,000,000
Half Cent 1891 2,000,000
Half Cent 1907 1,000,000
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