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Detailed information about coin type: Five Mils (CuproNickel) from Palestine (British Mandate):

Coin type: Five Mils (CuproNickel)

Composition: 75% copper, 25% nickel.

CountryPalestine (British Mandate) CurrencyPalestine Pound
Sub-type ofFive Mils Sub-types
Face value5 (x Mil)
Years produced1927 - 1947 CurrentNo (demonetised 1948)
MaterialCuproNickel DesignerAusten St. Barbe Harrison
Production technologyMilled (machine-made) ShapeRound
Size (mm)20 Thickness (mm)
Mass (g)2.9100

Olive wreath around a central hole. Around that, inscription PALESTINE, in English, Hebrew and Arabic. Below that, the date in international and Arab numerals.

Obverse inscriptionPALESTINE [year]

The value, 5 MILS ٥, in English, Hebrew and Arabic around a central hole.

Reverse inscription5 MILS ٥
EdgePlain Edge inscriptionNone

References to additional information:

[Book] Berlin, Howard M. 2001. The Coins and Banknotes of Palestine Under the British Mandate, 1927-1947.

Five Mils (CuproNickel): Photos

Palestine 1927 5 mils
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Palestine 1927 5 mils
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List of 7 coins of type: Five Mils (CuproNickel) from Palestine (British Mandate)
Five Mils 1927 10,000,068 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٢٧ 1927
Five Mils 1934 500,000 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٣٤ 1934
Five Mils 1935 2,700,000 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٣٥ 1935
Five Mils 1939 2,000,000 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٣٩ 1939
Five Mils 1941 400,000 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٤١ 1941
Five Mils 1946 1,000,000 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٤٦ 1946
Five Mils 1947 1,000,000 (פלשתינה (א"י PALESTINE فلسطين ١٩٤٧ 1947