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Information about reign: Цар Борис III (Tsar Boris III)

From3 October 1918
To28 August 1943
Personal InformationTsar Boris III of Bulgaria (1894 - 1943)

Boris III (modern Bulgarian: Борис III; contemporary Bulgarian: Борисъ III), Tsar of Bulgaria, originally Boris Klemens Robert Maria Pius Ludwig Stanislaus Xaver (Boris Clement Robert Mary Pius Louis Stanislaus Xavier), son of Ferdinand I, came to the throne in 1918 upon the abdication of his father, following the defeat of the Kingdom of Bulgaria during World War I.

This was the country's second major defeat in only five years, after the disastrous Second Balkan War (1913). Under the Treaty of Neuilly, Bulgaria was forced to cede new territories and pay crippling reparations to its neighbours, thereby threatening political and economic stability. Two political forces, the Agrarian Union and the Communist Party, were calling for the overthrowing of the monarchy and the change of the government. It was in these circumstances that Boris succeeded to the throne. He distinguished himself during the Second World War by opposing attempts by Adolf Hitler to deport the Jewish population of his country.

List of 23 coins issued in reign: Bulgaria / Цар Борис III (Tsar Boris III)
One Lev 1923 40,000,000
Two Leva 1923 20,000,000
One Lev 1925 69,982,289
Two Leva 1925 40,000,124
Five Leva 1930 20,001,000
Ten Leva 1930 15,001,000
Twenty Leva 1930 10,015,982 Portrait by Lajos Berán
Fifty Leva 1930 9,028,000 Portrait by Lajos Berán
One Hundred Leva 1930 1,556,223 Portrait by Lajos Berán
Fifty Leva 1934 3,000,958 Portrait by Percy Metcalfe
One Hundred Leva 1934 2,505,777 Portrait by Percy Metcalfe
Fifty Stotinki 1937 60,200,000
One Hundred Leva 1937 2,207,417 Portrait by Percy Metcalfe
Twenty Leva 1940 6,650,000 Portrait by Lajos Berán
Fifty Leva 1940 12,340,000 Portrait by Lajos Berán
One Lev 1941 10,000,000
Two Leva 1941 15,000,000
Five Leva 1941 15,000,000
Ten Leva 1941 2,200,000
Two Leva 1943 35,000,000
Five Leva 1943 36,000,000
Ten Leva 1943 25,000,000
Fifty Leva 1943 15,000,000 Portrait by Lajos Berán