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Information about reign: Håkon Sverresson (King Haakon III Sverresson)

From9 March 1202
To1 January 1204
Personal InformationKing Haakon III Sverresson of Norway (1182 - 1204)

Haakon Sverresson (Norwegian: Håkon Sverresson, Old Norse: Hákon Sverrisson) was King of Norway from 1202 to 1204.

During Håkon's brief reign, he managed to release Norway from the church's interdict, and end the civil wars, at least for a time. Whether the peace would have lasted if he had been allowed to live is impossible to say. As it turned out, his early death sparked a renewal of the fighting, as the bagler pretender Erling Steinvegg in a matter of months gathered an army and went to Norway to claim the throne.