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Information about reign: Sveinn Knútsson (Sweyn Cnutsson) and Ælfgifu (regents)

Persons Sweyn Cnutsson of Norway (1016 - 1035)
Ælfgifu of Northampton (990 - 1036)

Sweyn Cnutsson (Old Norse: Sveinn Knútsson) c. 1016–1035, was the son of Cnut the Great, king of Denmark, Norway, and England, and his first wife Ælfgifu of Northampton, a Mercian noblewoman. In 1017 Cnut married Emma of Normandy, but there is no evidence that Ælfgifu was repudiated, and in 1030 Cnut sent her and Sweyn as regents to rule Norway. However, they imposed new taxes and harsh laws that made them unpopular; their rule was considered oppressive by the Norwegians, and they were expelled in 1034.