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Tom SchumannNo 2015 ANZAC $1 Coins with P Counter-stamp
03 Aug 2017

In recent years the Royal Australian Mint has counter-stamped commemorative $1 coins for sales at various shows. 2015 was no exception and the 2015-2016 mint annual report lists B, M and P counter-stamped 2015 ANZAC $1 coins as having been struck in 2015 (p101, Royal Australian Mint Annual Report 2015-16). In spite of the report, no P counter-stamp coins are known to exist.

Tom SchumannPossible 2014 ANZAC $1 mule
07 Oct 2016

In late August 2016 on the Australian Coin Forum a possible mule of a 2014 ANZAC $1 with a 10c obverse was reported. The images showed a distinct stepped rim around the entire obverse, very similar to the 2000 $1 mule, and the obverse was reported to be the same size as that of a 10c obverse die. The reported coin's specifications were given as 9g mass and 25.05mm diameter.

Tom SchumannThe 1920 No Mintmark Australian Shilling
16 May 2016

The Museum Victoria numismatic collection has a large number of pattern and proof coins in its collection, acquired mostly from the collection of the former Melbourne Mint, but also from other collections including that of the National Gallery of Victoria. One of the coins that is documented as being transferred from the National Gallery of Victoria collection is 1920-dated Australian shilling with no mintmark. All other known 1920-dated Australian shillings have an M mintmark beneath the date, and no literature makes mention of a no mintmark coin: it has apparently gone unnoticed due to its mis-attribution in the Museum Victoria collection as a 1920M shilling.