2022 Österreichischer Euro-Münzensatz (2022 Proof Set), Coin Set from Austria - detailed information

2022 Österreichischer Euro-Münzensatz (2022 Proof Set)
Set Name2022 Österreichischer Euro-Münzensatz (2022 Proof Set)
Austria / 2022 Österreichischer Euro-Münzensatz (2022 Proof Set) - photo

In 2022, the countries of the EU Economic and Monetary Union celebrated the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Erasmus Programme with the issue of a special 2 euro Erasmus coin. The coin is the crowning glory of this Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2022, which consists of eight proof coins with values from 1 cent to 2 euros.

Proof quality coins are the fruit of the most advanced minting know-how, technology and craftsmanship. Only after 22 high-precision procedures is the die used to strike the first coin, which is then subjected to the most rigorous technical demands. Before each coin leaves Münze Österreich AG, it is scrutinised in great detail to guarantee that design, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology have successfully transformed a simple piece of metal into a work of art.

Who exactly was the Erasmus after whom the EU student exchange programme was named? Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, who died in Basel almost half a millennium ago, is still considered an important humanist, philologist, church reformer and pioneering spirit of the Enlightenment. He was a Renaissance cosmopolitan who worked in many European countries. In 1509, he wrote his most famous work, In Praise of Folly. One of the most important and popular publications of the Renaissance, this satire looks at the many faces of human ignorance.

Approved by the European Council of Ministers in 1987, the Erasmus Programme combats ignorance by promoting cultural, social, and academic exchanges between European students. The Erasmus+ programme 2021–2027 places a strong focus on social inclusion, digital change, combating climate change and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.

MintMünze Österreich (Austrian Mint) Mintage10,000
PackagingIn black box with illustrated cardboard case
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Coin Set Details
CurrencyEuro, Austria
Mintage Limit10,000
Coins GradeProof
Release PriceEUR 96.00
Product Code25160
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2022 Österreichischer Euro-Münzensatz (2022 Proof Set): Photo Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2022 Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2022
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